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The Institute's research activities are geared toward conducting cutting-edge international research and developing scientifically based solution concepts for corporate practice. We attach particular importance to the Institute’s involvement in international research networks, which enable diverse contacts and a lively exchange with researchers from the world’s most prestigious universities. The following points reflect, among others, the Institute’s research excellence:

• Publications in top-tier academic journals from various disciplines such as Nature Human Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, MIS Quarterly, Psychometrika, and Organizational Research Methods,
• numerous awards for outstanding scientific achievements (e.g., Highly Cited Researcher, Citations of Excellence Awards),
• applying scientific findings in corporate practice,
• authorship of textbooks on market research and statistical methods,
• guest editorships of leading journals (e.g., Business Research, Internet Research, and Long Range Planning), and
• presentations at international conferences, as well as
• active involvement in international research societies, such as the Academy of Marketing Science (e.g., as part of doctoral seminars).