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Bachelor and Master Theses


Bachelor Thesis:

Application/Registration: Continuously
Topics: Theoretical and empirical theses
Examination: 70,000 characters including spaces (without appendix and references) and presentation in colloquium
Credits: 18 ECTS points
Processing time: 8 weeks
Admission requirements: Passed seminar(s) and lectures offered by the Marketing and Innovation Management Cluster (Institute for Marketing, Institute for Innovation Management, and Institute for Market-based Management),
Permission to write a Bachelor thesis on the transcript of records

Master Thesis:

Application/Registration Continuously
Topics: Theoretical and empirical theses
Examination: 120,000-140,000 characters including spaces (without
appendix and references) and 15 min presentation in colloquium
Credits: 30 ECTS points
Processing time: 22 weeks


1. General Information

As a business administration student at the LMU, you may write your thesis at our institute. You can apply to do so throughout the year. We offer theses on multiple research questions that we assign to multiple topic domains. Topic domains for theses appear at the bottom of this page. If you want to apply for any of the topic domains, please contact the supervisor indicated below each domain. The supervisor will discuss potential topics with you and decide whether you are allowed to write your thesis on one of them. Generally, a thesis may be written in German or English.


The objectives of the theses are threefold: First, allowing you to gain first-hand experience of planning and undertaking a literature review, or of doing an empirical study on a specific study field. Second, helping you to self-develop your academic writing skills further. Third, encouraging scientific discussions and a critical evaluation of your and others’ work.

Length and form:

Please see the corresponding guidelines for your academic paper’s form and presentation here.

2. Admission Requirements

The number of students accepted for supervision depends on the institute’s available capacity. We consider students for supervision who are interested in the phenomena of and theories related to marketing, consumer behavior, and research methodology.

Please check your study program’s examination regulations on the ISC’s website.

3. Application and Registration

Application process: The theses are assigned without a fixed deadline to provide you with a great deal of flexibility when you write your thesis. Applications can therefore be submitted at any point during the year. At the bottom of this page, you find an overview of the current topic domains. We do not actively promote new topic domains or inform students when additional supervision capacities become available – those who are interested in writing their thesis at the Institute for Marketing must keep an eye on the website, checking it regularly.

The application includes the following documents:

Application form,
• Current transcript of records,
• CV, and
• One-page letter of motivation, in which you describe why the topic is relevant for you.

We will confirm receipt of your application within 5 working days.

The thesis registration is not bound to a fixed deadline. On approval, we will register your topic at the ISC. The date on which you register with the ISC is the starting day of the 8 or 22 weeks allowed for completing your Bachelor or Master thesis.

4. Submission Guidelines

Bachelor and Master theses have to be submitted to the ISC. Please refer to the specific submission guidelines on the ISC’s website. Take the opening hours of the ISC into consideration when submitting your thesis.

An electronic version of the thesis has to be submitted to the ISC. Please check the ISC’s website for further information at In addition, an electronic version of the thesis and all results (datasets, syntax files, Excel sheets, etc.) have to be submitted to the supervisor via or on a USB stick.

5. Colloquium

You have to present a 15 min progress report on your thesis work in the second half of the 8 (Bachelor thesis) or 22 (Master thesis) weeks. At this colloquium, you will receive feedback and guidance on content- and process-related aspects of your thesis in progress. Please note that it is mandatory to present your report to the colloquium on the indicated date. No exceptions will be allowed. A Q&A session will follow each presentation.

The colloquium will be evaluated (passed/failed) but will not be graded. You need to pass the colloquium.

Your attendance at each colloquium is mandatory – even if you do not present. If you are not able to attend a colloquium, inform your supervisor as soon as possible via email.