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Letter of Recommendation

We appreciate your interest in receiving a letter of recommendation from our institute. Please see the following information regarding our general conditions.


In order to issue a letter of recommendation, we must have been able to form a personal impression of your suitability. In addition to an average grade of better than 2.5, at least one of the following points must also apply to you:

• Attendance of a seminar or project course at the Institute for Marketing
• Writing your final thesis at our institute
• Marketing Excellence Circle membership
• Employment as a student assistant at our institute

Please note that the attendance of our lectures (e.g., Unternehmensführung & Marketing or Marketing Analytics)
is NOT sufficient to apply for a letter of recommendation.

Necessary documents

• Letter of motivation, including
- Purpose of the letter of recommendation
- Justification of the choice of institute
- Name of the supervisor of your seminars / project courses / theses at our institute

• Curriculum vitae
• Current transcript of records

Please send your application to


• This process takes between 4 and 6 weeks and no exceptions are allowed.
• The Institute of Marketing will only issue one letter of recommendation per application.
• Letters of recommendation will be issued in English only.