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08.07.2022 at 00:00 

Our teaching and research are both closely linked to business partners, organizations, and other institutions. We actively promote interaction with business practice to achieve a sensible combination of competencies. If your company is interested in collaborations on topics that relate broadly to our research priorities, please contact us directly.

The range of possible collaborations include:

Project seminars, Bachelor and Master theses, with particularly good and highly committed students working on practical issues over a period of either one semester (project seminars, in teams) or eight (bachelor theses) to 22 weeks (master theses). At the end of this period, you will be given a scientific and detailed analysis of an issue vital for your company. The Institute for Marketing assumes a coordinating function. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) market research projects (e.g., estimation of market volumes and potentials), industry structure analyses, satisfaction surveys, and pricing studies. Project seminars are offered in the summer semester (start date: April), Bachelor and Master theses are offered on an ongoing basis.

• If the research topic is more complex and poorly structured, it is often worthwhile financing a research assistant to work exclusively on the project and to write his/her dissertation on the topic. Such third-party-funded research projects usually run for at least three years and should deal with a topic that is also relevant from a research perspective.

Workshops at companies to teach current findings from marketing research or data analysis methods.

Presentations or case study seminars where guest speakers discuss current topics from business practice and introduce their companies to a student audience.